Summer 2020

Japanese Willpower to Save Lives

Pioneers explore new possibilities in medical care

A Conqueror of AIDS Confident of Curing the Novel Coronavirus

Altruism Moves Research on Infectious Diseases Forward

The world is in the midst of its battle against COVID-19. Japan has an admirable record in research on infectious diseases, such as the discoveries of the plague bacillus (Yersinia pestis) and Shigella. What is the spirit of Japanese research that lives today in Nobel Laureate ŌMURA Satoshi that motivated him to develop anti-parasitic drugs?

Contributing to Global Health by Fighting Against TB

Containing the Spread of COVID-19 by Utilizing Tensile Membrane Technology

While the world continues to fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic, Japanese-made tents are playing a pivotal role in preventing further infections in medical settings.

Contributing to Global Health by Fighting Against TB

Vibrant SME Unleashes Potential of Microsurgery

A medical device manufacturer in Japan has enabled surgery that had been previously considered impossible by developing the world’s smallest needle. The small company continues making efforts together with physicians to supply quality needles worldwide, thereby saving the lives of patients awaiting treatment.

Cambodia and Japan to Improve Maternal and Child Healthcare

ES Cells Give Small Lives a Chance for Tomorrow

The National Center for Child Health and Development has successfully performed the world’s first transplant of human ES cell-derived hepatocytes into a human. What is the potential of these cells, which saved a small life, to bring great happiness?

Genome Catalog Opens Up Future of Individualized Cancer Treatment

Handy Fetal Monitor Brings Peace of Mind to Mothers

Japan is world-famous for its top-class perinatal care. The prefecture with the lowest maternal and prenatal mortality rate in the country is Kagawa, in western Japan. Now, a company in the very same prefecture has produced a new device and system facilitating safe pregnancies worldwide.

Cutting-edge Operating Theater Connected by IoT

A Prayer of Origami Cranes Comforts Cancer Patients

Radiation oncologist Professor KOMAKI Ritsuko paved the way for proton therapy at one of the leading cancer hospitals in the United States. What is the philosophy behind the medical care that she provides to patients?


Summer 2020


Summer 2020

Prime Minister ABE Shinzo attended the Special ASEAN Plus Three Summit on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) via video conference on April 14, 2020. In the meeting, discussions were held about the economic conditions of each participating country and preventive measures against the spread of the infection.