Kutchan, Hokkaido Prefecture
Tourism Ministers’ Meeting
October 25 to 26

Kutchan supports the development of luxury condominiums and hotels, while enforcing strict town aesthetic standards.

 The town of Kutchan, situated two and a half hours by car from New Chitose Airport in Hokkaido, is one of Japan’s top ski resorts, internationally recognized for its high-quality powder snow and scenic landscapes. The number of foreign tourists has risen dramatically over the past twenty years. Luxury condominiums are being built in rapid succession thanks to foreign direct investment, transforming the town into an international resort with beautifully organized streetscapes.
 Besides skiing, the town also offers a variety of outdoor activities throughout the year, including rafting and cycling in summer. The number of long-term residents is beginning to increase in summer as well, and the town is promoting its future potential as a year-round tourist resort.
 Kutchan has taken various other measures to become even more hospitable toward foreign visitors, such as by putting up additional guidance signs and enhancing Wi-Fi coverage. To ensure foreign visitors can coexist in local society, the town has proactively helped the local hospital become foreign-language friendly. With the cooperation of local residents and related organizations to ensure the meeting’s success, the entire town is looking forward to welcoming the participants from the various countries. 

What to Enjoy in Kutchan


In summer, rafting is also particularly popular in Kutchan.


The town of Kutchan has grown into one of Japan’s leading ski resorts. You can enjoy skiing against the backdrop of majestic nature.