This is Japan: Discover Miyagi

60 Million Visitors*

come to Miyagi Prefecture every year. Rich with greenery and tree-lined streets, the prefectural capital of Sendai is known as the "City of Trees." Miyagi’s magnificence and charm are found not only in its scenic beauty, but also in its festivals and numerous cultural events. Although Miyagi suffered tremendous losses in the March 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, it has made a vibrant recovery through the kind support of people throughout the world. Miyagi is looking forward to your visit!

*2015 data courtesy of the Miyagi Prefecture Commerce, Industry and Tourism Department, Tourism Division



■ Population: Approximately 2.32 million
■ Total Area: 7,282 km2(2,812 mi2)
■ Prefectural Capital: Sendai
■ Sister States/ Provinces: Jilin Province (China), Delaware (United States), and the Metropolitan City of Rome Capital (Italy)
■ International Relations: In 2017, Miyagi Prefecture and the U.S. state of Delaware celebrate the 20th anniversary of the forming of their Sister State relationship. In addition to student exchanges and cultural exchanges, events are being held in Delaware where products produced in Miyagi Prefecture are sold with the aim of developing sales channels, as well as a food fair where Delaware’s Japanese Restaurants offer cuisine made with Miyagi ingredients. Miyagi Prefecture is also continuing its economically-focused exchange with Russia’s Nizhegorod Oblast, driven by a cooperative agreement enacted between the governors of the two states in 2010.


Tourism PR character of Sendai · Miyagi Musubimaru

Access: Approximately 350 km (218 mi) from Tokyo to Sendai [90 minutes by Shinkansen bullet train or 55 minutes by plane (from Narita Airport)]


Hot Springs

Miyagi is home to several hot springs with histories that span a period of over 1,000 years. Boasting spring waters with a variety of special qualities, there are numerous hot springs spread throughout the prefecture from the mountains down to the plains and coast. These springs are not only popular with tourists, but with the local people as well.

Zao Area

The Zao Mountain Range offers a look at a natural phenomenon that can only occur under its special climate conditions: juhyo , or “ice trees.” Their unique creature-like shapes and imposing size have led some people to call them “snow monsters.” Come walk through the fields of juhyo and experience them up close!

Abukuma River Boat Tours

Enjoy an eight-kilometer (five-mile) round-trip touring course through the Abukuma River valley. The area is a prefectural natural park with many scenic spots and unique rock formations. Take in the seasonal scenery as you enjoy a leisurely cruise down the river aboard a yakatabune pleasure boat.

For more “VISIT” information, please visit: https://www.pref.miyagi.jp/site/kankou-en/


Sendai Beef

Clearing Japan’s strictest classification standards, Sendai Beef is ranked as one of Japan’s finest brands of beef. Whether served as steak, sukiyaki or shabu-shabu, you’ll enjoy its unforgettably rich flavor.


Miyagi is one of Japan’s most prominent localities for oysters. The prefecture’s complex system of coves makes it ideal for oyster farming. Rich in nutrients, the oysters are called “the milk of the sea” and are even more delicious during the cold season.

Japanese Sake

The main ingredients of Japanese sake are rice and water. Miyagi is a well-known rice-producing region where sake brewing is a tradition that has been carefully preserved over centuries. The severe Tohoku winter has given rise to a lowtemperature long-term fermentation process that creates sake with a refined flavor.

For more “EAT” information, please visit: https://www.foodkingdom-miyagi.jp/language/english.html


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Tohoku University R&D Hub

In Miyagi Prefecture, major collaborative efforts between industry and academia are being made, with Tohoku University as the hub. Widely recognized research projects include joint research into Alzheimer’s with GE Healthcare, and successful comprehensive research and development efforts in the life science field jointly conducted with Sanofi.

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Automotive & Electronics Related Manufacturing

Miyagi Prefecture is recognized for its high concentration of automotive-related industries and high-tech electronics industries. A large number of international companies with highly-skilled personnel, including Kärcher Japan and Sandvik Tooling Supply Japan, have production sites based in Miyagi.

World-Class Infrastructure

Connected to the world by a variety of reliable and high quality infrastructure, Miyagi is a hub for international shipping and trade routes, bullet-train and rail connections, and domestic and international flights.

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