The season that covers the islands of Japan with brilliant colors has arrived once again. Flowers sensitive to changes in the seasons have awoken all at once, signaling the advent of spring. It’s time to visit multicolored Japan!

A wild and exquisite icefall

A collaboration of vivid pink hues

Maebashi in Gunma Prefecture is a core city with a population of over 300,000, just under two hours from Tokyo. At the foot of Mount Akagi, north of the city center, is one of the most famous sakura (cherry blossom) viewing spots in all of Japan. Over one thousand cherry trees line a road for 1.3km, inviting sightseers to enter a virtual cherry blossom tunnel when in full bloom. The moss phlox that covers the foreground is called “lawn sakura” in Japanese, due to the similarity of flower shapes. Come, enjoy the collaboration of two kinds of “cherry blossoms,” blushing in two shades of pink.

Gentle scent of narcissuses carried by the sea breeze

A carpet woven from rainbow tulips

The capital of Japan, Tokyo, is one of the world’s major cities. But with a little travel away from the skyscrapers of the central city, areas surrounded by nature can be reached. When spring comes to Hamura City, 400,000 tulips of 60 different varieties, bloom brilliantly on 60,000m2 of rice paddy land. The various colors are arranged to form patterns that resemble textile designs. For a few short weeks every year, this quiet area becomes one of the must-see flower-viewing spots in Tokyo.