Spring 2020

Women’s Leadership Promises a Bright Future

Fostering female leadership and making a sustainable world

Women’s Business Leadership Boosts Japanese Economy

Women on leadership career paths took part in a business management program led by some of the world’s top professors. Their faces showed their complete readiness to lead Japan.

Spearheading Female Empowerment on the World Stage

As a former leader in the World Bank Group and active role model for female leaders, HONDA Keiko has extensive experience in private sector investment in developing countries. Honda advises younger women to determine the definition of their own success and challenge themselves positively.

Molecular Biologist’s Findings Lead to Better Harvest

Japanese molecular biologist NOMOTO Mika has won a prestigious international female scientist award for her research, which is expected to alleviate the world’s food shortage. With her persistently-inquiring mind, she aims to develop technologies that can contribute to society.

Cutting-edge Technology Monitors Daily Health

A system that lets us “visualize” our health status, from urine alone, was developed by TSURUOKA Maria in her 20s. What has inspired this Japanese entrepreneur to make this contribution to the future of an ever-aging humanity?

A Circle of Women Angling for Community Revitalization

The Tsugaru Strait is known as one of the best tuna fishing grounds in Japan. Here, a group of women are working hard to revitalize the towns where they were born and raised by various means at their disposal. They are the Tsugaru Strait Tuna Women’s Club.


Spring 2020


Spring 2020

On February 18, 2020, Prime Minister ABE Shinzo offered strong encouragement to the representatives of the “Ship for World Youth Program” operated by the Japanese government. The Prime Minister expressed his hopes for these young people from around the world who have cultivated their international awareness and leadership through various activities on board and at the ports of call.