Feature: Eight-Point Cooperation Plan Bears Fruit

INNOPROM Accelerates Japan-Russia Business Relations

 INNOPROM, one of Russia’s largest industrial trade fairs, was held in Ekaterinburg from July 10 to 13. The event was a major success, with over 600 companies from 20 different countries exhibiting. Japan served as the partner country for INNOPROM 2017, working together with Russia to bring the event to a new level. President Putin, expressed his gratitude for Japan’s partner-country role at a joint press conference with Prime Minister Abe during his visit to Japan in December 2016. To meet the high expectations, Japanese government and business worked together for preparing for the exhibition. About 170 Japanese businesses and organizations participated in the “Japan Pavilion,” the second largest number of participants following the host country’s. In addition, the Japan-Russia Industrial Forum was held under the theme of “Japanese-Russian Cooperation for Industrial Optimization,” in which leaders of Japanese and Russian industries emphasized the importance of collaboration. Many Japanese and Russian industry executives also joined panels on topics such as small businesses and productivity growth, where they enjoyed a lively exchange of opinions and ideas.

Russia’s largest industrial trade fair, focused on subjects such as machiner y, par ts, IT, energy and urban development, is held every year in July. The number of visitors reached 50,194 over four days (based on the organizer’s reporting number of visitor badges issued).

President Putin toured the Japan Pavilion. Kawasaki Heavy Industries Chairman Shigeru Murayama explains his company’s motorcycle technology and other subjects.

Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov visited the Japanese food promotion booth and tried sashimi.

Leaders of Japanese and Russian industries discussed the present state and future development of economic cooperation between the two countries at the Japan- Russia Industrial Forum.

A performance of traditional Japanese taiko drums added excitement to the ceremony.

Various panels were held. One of them explored possibilities for cooperation between Japanese and Russian small businesses.

Message from Hiroshige Seko, Minister of Economy,
Trade and Industry and Minister
for Economic Cooperation with Russia

Hiroshige Seko, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry and Minister for Economic Cooperation with Russia

 The eight-point cooperation plan, of which I am in charge, was first proposed by Prime Minister Abe to President Putin during the summit in Sochi in May 2016.
 The plan includes cooperation on topics such as extending healthy life expectancies of Russian people by utilizing Japanese knowledge in pediatric and health promotion, preventive medicine and rehabilitation. It also includes cooperation to improve the quality of life in Russian cities by alleviating traffic and renovating deteriorating infrastructure.
 In other respects as well, this plan includes exchanges between people and between regions, productivity improvement, cooperation between small businesses, and collaboration in cutting-edge technology, energy, and other fields by making use of Japanese and Russian strengths in each field, and the Japanese and Russian people will appreciate and benefit from the fruit of our cooperation.
 We have seen some concrete results and progress thanks to the efforts of Japanese and Russian people concerned. Under the cooperation plan, 80 documents between the two governments’ authorities or among businesses were signed during President Putin’s visit to Japan in December 2016, along with another 28 during Prime Minister Abe’s visit to Moscow in April 2017.
 These memoranda have been steadily developing into actual contracts, such as investment in a major Russian pharmaceutical company by a Japanese corporation, financing of the Yamal LNG project, lifting an import ban on heattreated meat, and reaching agreement in principle in negotiations for amendment of the Tax Convention.
 Thus, economic relations between Japan and Russia are being profoundly strengthened by these developments taking place under the firm and like-minded trust between Prime Minister Abe and President Putin. As the minister in charge, I commit to devoting myself to the advancement of true partnership between our two nations, by continuing to create virtuous cycles in economy and politics through the realization of the cooperation plan.