Osaka, Osaka Prefecture
Summit Meeting
June 28 to 29

As the host city of EXPO 2025 OSAKA, KANSAI, JAPAN, Osaka continues to transform to become a truly international city.

 Osaka has been a major city of commerce and trade since olden times. Today it is served by three different airports, including Kansai International Airport, with round-the-clock arrivals and departures, and has become an international city visited by over ten million foreign visitors every year. Osaka is brimming with so many manufacturing companies that people say there is nothing that it cannot make.
 Together with other nations, Japan now faces the issue of a super-aging society. Osaka is promoting endeavors that incorporate cutting-edge technologies to develop a society in which all people can live healthy and happy lives, with the plan to showcase its achievements to the world by hosting EXPO 2025 OSAKA, KANSAI, JAPAN, with the theme of “Designing Future Society for Our Lives.”
 Both the prefecture and the city have collaborated to enhance the functionality of Osaka’s urban infrastructure to provide the ideal environment for welcoming the visiting G20 heads of state. Osaka is taking every precaution for the safety of the top-level global summit and the 30,000 people who will come for it. Mustering the combined strength of both the public and private sectors, Osaka is doing all it can to bring about a successful G20 Summit.  

What to Enjoy in Osaka 


A type of sushi comprising an ingredient placed upon rice seasoned with vinegar and molded in boxes. The ingredient chosen for each sushi square is most often a high-quality food such as conger eel, prawn, or sea bream.


Osaka locals have a reputation for an enthusiasm for culinary delights. Takoyaki, made by mixing octopus and spices into flour batter and frying them into balls, is the representative gourmet snack in the city.

The City of Water

Osaka, one of Japan’s economic and cultural hubs, was developed through water-based transport and is fondly referred to as “the city of water.”