As autumn deepens, the colorful spectacle of exquisite flowers and autumn foliage casts an air different from the beauty of nature formed over many years. The striking disparity between nature’s severity and gorgeousness offers deeply impressive views.


White rock faces speckled with autumn leaves

Weathered and worn over a million years, the Tō-no-Hetsturi, which runs along the sides of a ravine in Shimogo town, Fukushima Prefecture, strikes a marvelous sight that resembles rows of white towers. Hetsuri is an old local term meaning steep riverside cliffs, while tō means tower in Japanese. In autumn, the precipices become speckled with variously-colored autumn leaves and look quite picturesque. An up-close experience with such magnificent nature awaits those who cross over the suspension bridge and walk within the sheer cliffs.

Gentle scent of narcissuses carried by the sea breeze

Gentle scent of narcissuses carried by the sea breeze

From December through January along the Echizen coast of Fukui Prefecture, which faces the Sea of Japan, the hillsides are filled with the sweet fragrance of dainty Echizen narcissuses covering their slopes. The surface area of the colony is broader than any other in Japan. So beautiful is the vivid contrast between narcissuses withstanding the winter sea breeze and the shining deep cyan hue of the Sea of Japan.