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Cherry Blossoms Mark the Coming of Spring

Japan’s “cherry blossom front” shows when the cherry trees across the country will bloom. The front starts in the south in late March and moves northward as the season progresses. The long Japanese archipelago, from south to north, is gradually steeped in pink.

Cherry trees usher in a season of new beginnings

Even the streets of metropolitan Tokyo offer many beautiful spots for cherry blossom viewing. In April, the sight of newly-minted first graders holding their parents’ hands as they walk beneath the cherry trees in full bloom on their way to their school entrance ceremonies is charming to behold.

Photo: Along the Shakujii River next to Takinogawa-Momiji Elementary School in Kita City ©The Asahi Shimbun Company. 

1,500 cherry trees celebrate spring in the north

Yamagata Castle’s Kajo Park is a renowned spot for viewing its approximately 1,500 cherry trees blooming in gorgeous profusion. The park bustles with visitors from across the country and abroad who eagerly welcome spring’s arrival to northern Japan. The cherry trees lit up at night are a magical sight.

2018 Cherry blossom forecast
Released March 12, 2018
Source: Weather Map Co., Ltd.

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