Tomodachi Japan and Russia Edition 2018


Friendship across the Four Northern Islands

 Japan and Russia are making efforts to foster mutual understanding and trust through people-to-people exchange on the Four Northern Islands, despite the difference of views with regard to those islands. Moreover, Japan and Russia are promoting realization of joint economic activities on those islands in a manner that does not harm the legal positions of either side.

Special grave visits were conducted by airplane for the first time to the islands of Kunashiri and Etorofu. (September 2017)

Former island residents and others visited the islands of Kunashiri and Etorofu by airplane, paying their respects at cemeteries. (photo: Shana on Etorofu Island, July 2018)

An exchange meeting of pop culture was held during a visit by young people to Kunashiri Island. (September 2017)

A group of Japanese including former residents visited Shikotan island, having an exchange meeting on education and culture. (July 2018)

Regarding joint economic activities on the Four Northern Islands, a second joint public-private local research team (with a total of 54 members) was dispatched from October 26–31 to more concretely pursue the five candidate projects that were specified to be undertaken promptly at the Japan-Russia Summit Meeting in September 2017.