Tomodachi Spring / Summer 2016


G7 Japan 2016 Ise-Shima
Photography Contest Winners

 The Government of Japan held the G7 Japan 2016 Ise-Shima Photography Contest. More than 17,000 submissions were received from Japan and abroad. We are grateful for the many submissions.
 Following a rigorous judging process, the following four photographs were selected as recipients of the Prime Minister’s Award.

Japanese Nature Division


Yo Iwata

MIE / Meoto-iwa (wedded rocks)

A photograph that captures the slanted rays of the sunrise taken on my first visit to the Meoto-iwa. To capture a place said to be of the gods’ since ancient times, I used a long exposure to express the pure beauty of Japan.

Life in Japan Division

Guided by The Milky Way

Eiji Nakane

IBARAKI / Suigo Itako Ayame Park
An event recreating the “wedding boat” tradition from the Edo period, when brides rode on boats to their grooms. The many LED lights set loose in the river looked very much like the stars. It was like taking a photograph of a fantastic fairy-tale called “The Wedding Boat Floats Upon the Milky Way.”

Japanese Culture Division

Young Man

Fumi Komata

NAGANO / Nanakuri Shrine, Iida City
A tradition practiced for 700 years. I was moved by the dance of the figure with a rope tied around his waist and a water pail raised overhead.

Smartphone Division

Aya Ebihara

TOKYO / Kindergarten bus taking children home
My son and his friend . . . feeling worn out?