Tomodachi Japan and Russia Edition 2016

Japan’s Eight-Bullet-Point Proposal for Economic Cooperation with Russia

1. Cooperating to enhance medical treatment  levels and extend healthy life expectancies for  the Russian people

Cooperation in the fields of health promotion, preventive medicine, rehabilitation, palliative care, pediatrics, etc.

Advanced medical facility

Rehabilitation center

2. Developing comfortable and clean cities easy to live and be active in

Housing designed for extremely cold areas, waste-treatment systems, alleviation of traffic congestion, brownfield development, etc.

Advanced incineration plant

Heat from the waste combustion is effectively utilized to warm a pool.

Brownfield development

Voronezh has been selected as a model city for implementation of a pilot project.

3. Radically expanding exchange and cooperation among medium-sized and small companies

Establishment of organization to promote business matching, support for start-ups, food-related exchanges, etc.

4. Cooperating in energy developmentand increasing production capacity

Diversification of petrochemical products, strengthening of collaboration from upstream through downstream, and formation of symbolic model projects.

5. Promoting industrial diversification and enhancing productivity in Russia

Enhancement of production line efficiency with equipment from Japan, including renewal of equipment.

6. Developing industries and export bases in the Russian Far East

Ports, agricultural land development, seafood processing, lumber mills, airport construction, etc.

Improvement of ports

Photo: The Economic Research Institute for Northeast Asia (ERINA)

Improvement of ports

Unaffected by climate, making fresh vegetables available for consumption even in midwinter. 

7. Promoting cutting-edge technologies

Nuclear power, mail and ICT, agriculture and fisheries, medicine.

8. Radically expanding people-to-peopleinteraction

Interaction between universities, joint sporting events, sistercity ties, etc.