Tomodachi G7 Japan 2016


Wagashi :
Traditional Japanese Confections


 Akafukumochi , a specialty of Ise in Mie Prefecture, is a traditional Japanese sweet with a history going back some 300 years. This confection is made of soft mochi , cakes of pounded glutinous rice, topped with velvety-smooth an , sweet red paste made by boiling and straining adzuki beans. This wagashi has been a favorite among visitors who come to pay their respects at Ise Jingu shrine. According to local lore, akafukumochi ’s distinctive shape is meant to evoke the Isuzu River, which flows through the shrine precinct. The three ridges in the an call to mind the gentle eddies in the river, while the mochi represents the pebbles of the riverbed.
 We recommend savoring the delicate sweetness of this wagashi with a cup of hojicha , roasted Japanese tea.