Tomodachi Autumn 2016


Moments of Prime Minister Abe


In June 2013, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe attended and delivered an opening speech at the Fifth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD V), which was held in Yokohama. TICAD VI takes place in Nairobi, Kenya, in August 2016.

Prime Minister Abe’s Trip to Mongolia for the 11th ASEM Summit(July 2016)

Prime Minister Abe visited Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia, where he attended the Asia- Europe Meeting (ASEM) and held meetings with leaders of other countries (July 2016).

Joint photograph.

With President Tsakhia Elbegdorj of Mongolia.

With Prime Minister Jargaltulga Erdenebat of Mongolia.

ASEM opening ceremony.

ASEM plenary session.

With Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh.

With Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc of Viet Nam.

Summit meeting with Premier Li Keqiang of China.

With Prime Minister Hun Sen of Cambodia.

 Leaders observing a moment of silence for the victims of the incident in Nice, France.

With Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany.

Meeting with President Idriss Deby Itno of Chad in Nagoya (May 2016).

Meeting with President John Dramani Mahama of Ghana at the Prime Minister’s Office (May 2016).

Prime Minister Abe attended a meeting of the Ministerial Council on the Terrorist Incident in Bangladesh at the Prime Minister’s Office and offered a silent prayer for the victims, including the seven Japanese who lost their lives in the incident (July 2016).

Prime Minister Abe attended the Memorial Ceremony to Commemorate the Fallen on the 71st Anniversary of the End of the Battle of Okinawa, held in Okinawa Prefecture (June 2016).

Prime Minister Abe attended a ceremony at the Prime Minister’s Office to present a certificate of appreciation to Tsuneo Kono and his wife Toshiko for their donation of JPY 400 million (USD 3.8 million) to the Fund to Support Children’s Future, which aims to eliminate child poverty (July 2016).