Tomodachi Womenomics Edition 2014

Juntos! Bringing Infinite Depth to Japan-Latin America and the Caribbean Cooperation

Excerpts from the Speech by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Delivered in Brazil, August 2, 2014

The Three Guiding Principles of Japan’s Latin American and Caribbean Policy

 Progredir juntos (progress together), liderar juntos (lead together), and inspirar juntos (inspire together). I call these “juntos” the “three guiding principles.”
 I emphasize the importance of “juntos,” of sharing, hand in hand and hearts united, hardships, efforts, and, hopefully, jubilations between Japan and Latin America and the Caribbean.
 This is a call to further deepen the economic ties between Japan and Latin America and the Caribbean.
 “Abenomics” is now shooting its third arrows of private investment stimuli. Once-in-decades reforms are taking place in a number of areas. Count on Japan as your partner.
 During this visit, quite a few top executives from the Japanese business community have been with us. Let us aspire that Japanese and Latin American and Caribbean companies could “progredir juntos,” bearing many fruits.
 Japan has the capacity to make a unique contribution, in particular, in human capital development. It is the particular characteristic whereby shopfloors become akin to schools that inculcate the joys of labor.
 That labor could bring joy was the message of the Chilean poet Ms. Gabriela Mistral. This is exactly what Japanese companies bring with them.
 Japanese companies have their eyes fixed as intently as ever on Latin America and the Caribbean. According to the latest data, Latin America and the Caribbean make up the region that, more than any other, Japanese companies have chosen to enter.
 Therefore, progredir junto—Count on Japanese companies as your partners.
Friends of Latin America and the Caribbean, as Japan seeks to widen its diplomatic horizons, you are the partners we look to count on.
 There is a commonality between us of values, of visions. There is cohesion in our unwavering pursuit of peace, our respect for liberty, the honoring of human rights, and the upholding of democracy, and the rule of law.
 Disarmament, nonproliferation, and environmental protection are real exemplary area of “liderar juntos,” of countries that are confronting international challenges hand-in-hand to lead international society in a positive direction.
 I have decided to put in place a new legal arrangement concerning security so that Japan may contribute more proactively to regional and world peace.
 Our experiences in Latin America and the Caribbean (Haiti and Honduras) led to selfconfidence, which nurtured our resolve to advance the principle of “proactive contribution to peace.”
 I call on my friends of Latin America and the Caribbean; let us lead the way in clearing the world, step by step, of grief, danger, and the violations of laws.
 Japan has extended Official Developmental Assistance (ODA) exceeding $30 billion to this region. These were investments to benefit future generations.
 Previously, young Japanese have pursued youthful dreams, confident in the great potential of Latin America and the Caribbean. If we are to carry on the will of pioneers, the mindset that is called for is inspirar juntos.
 To deepen our bonds with the young leaders of tomorrow in Latin America and the Caribbean, we will reinforce our exchange programs. This fiscal year, we’ve decided to offer various exchange programs to more than 1,000 young leaders and Japanese descendants in these areas.
 From this moment on, we look forward to expanding our projects that promote exchanges between the generations. With the help of Japanese descendants, we have decided to invest further in Japanese-language education.
 Between April and May 2013, Shinkai 6500 submerged in the depths of the blue sea off the coast of Brazil. Japanese scientists found that the joys of collaborating “juntos” even exceeded those of their scientific discoveries.
 It is the fact that Professor Pellizari and her colleagues collaborated with Japanese scientists and experts under the spirit of “juntos” that I find so admirable.
 Come 2016, there will be the Olympic games, a festival of youthful vigor. Tokyo will carry on the torch of dreams from Rio de Janeiro.
 With this goal in sight, we will urge our youths from Japan to go out into the world, to interact with the world. Our program, “Sport for Tomorrow,” seeks to spread the spirit of sports. Of all the places in the world, we are giving priority to Latin America and the Caribbean.
 Let us progress together; let us work side-by-side to make this world a better place.
 Let us promote personal exchanges, so that we may cultivate a deep empathy, soul to soul, as the foundation for all.