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Useful Information for Traveling in Japan

Shopping in Japan Becomes Even More Attractive for Foreign Visitors

 The pleasures of traveling in Japan include tasting traditional Japanese food and enjoying beautiful scenery that changes from season to season, but surely shopping is another important one. Popular items with foreign visitors range from Japanese digital cameras, watches, and rice cookers to cosmetics, luxury goods, Japanese sweets, and sake. These can be purchased at department stores, the electronics stores of Akihabara, regional outlet malls, and in shops all over Japan.
 Tax-free stores offer convenient shopping for foreign visitors. Repeat visitors already know that the Japanese tax exemption system is very convenient, as procedures are completed at the point of purchase. This means that, unlike in many other countries, visitors do not need to pay the consumption tax when making a purchase and then line up at the airport before the flight home to receive a refund. This convenient Japanese system is greatly admired by those in the know.
 Here’s some more exciting shopping information to keep in mind: Beginning in Otober 2014, an even bigger variety of tax-free goods will be available for purchase. The range of tax-free items has been limited to home appliances, cameras, and clothing, but beginning in October 2014 visitors will enjoy tax-free shopping for products that are the pride of Japan, such as cosmetics, foods, medicine, and alcoholic beverages. This is a dramatic improvement for shoppers! Goods that are hard to find at airport stores, such as famous local sake, sweets, and other unique products, can be purchased taxfree. How exciting shopping will be!
 Look for tax-free stores with the Japan Tax-free Shop cherry blossom logo. We look forward to serving you!
 In preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, we are making every effort to make travel in Japan even easier and more enjoyable, so that visitors will want to come back again and again. Please come and visit Japan! Japan is waiting to welcome you!

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As of January 2014, a new symbol designating tax-free shops at a glance will be used throughout Japan. A list of the tax-free shops will be provided on the Japan National Tourism Organization’s website beginning in April 2014.