OCTOBER 8, 2021


 I am resolved to invest all my heart, mind, and strength to overcome this national crisis, the battle against COVID-19, together with the Japanese people, carve out a new era, and hand down to the next generation a Japan that is spiritually rich.

 What is required of us now is to engage in politics worthy of trust and sympathy that reacts to citizens’ voices with sincerity and gives those voices concrete shape. I will place importance on having thorough discussions with the citizens. I myself and indeed all the members of my Cabinet will repeatedly sit down in a circle with various kinds of people to have discussions. Beyond that, I will instruct them to do comprehensive checks on whether or not we are advancing policies well-tailored to the people’s needs.

 It will be upon the trust and sympathy earned through this process that I aim to foster a society that respects diversity. My mission is to arouse the power of the bonds Japan enjoys.

Measures to counter COVID-19

 The essential element of crisis response is assuming the worst possible situation at all times. Now that the number of new infections is holding at a low, steady level, this is the time for us to anticipate various situations and take comprehensive steps to ensure peace of mind. We will reliably secure hospital bed capacity and medical personnel and thoroughly set measures in place to assist patients recuperating at home.

 We will forge ahead with administering a second vaccine dose to all those wishing to receive one while also making careful preparations to enable the administration of a third round of vaccinations. We will also aim to have orally administered pharmaceutical treatments enter into practical application within the calendar year. Alongside this, we will work to make active use of digital vaccination certificates and expand free-of-charge testing for which advance reservations are not required.

 To support business owners who have suffered significant impacts, we will provide subsidies in proportion to the size of the business, in a form that does not impose limits on the location or type of business. We will also implement support in the form of subsidies and other assistance to protect those in need, including non-regular employees and families with small children.

Bringing a new form of capitalism into realization

 What I aim to do is to bring a new form of capitalism into realization. The concept is this: a virtuous cycle of growth and distribution, and developing a new post-COVID-19 society. I will establish a Council of New Form of Capitalism Realization and shape that vision into something concrete. Aiming for growth is absolutely critical, and we will make every possible effort towards actualizing it. However, without distribution, there will be no subsequent growth; this point too, I thoroughly endorse. We will extricate ourselves from the barren argument of “growth or distribution” and conduct a general mobilization of all possible policies to bring about “growth and distribution.”

 Our growth strategy and our distribution strategy are two sides of the same coin by which we bring about a new form of capitalism.

 The first pillar of my growth strategy is realizing a science and technology nation. We will boldly fund research and development in advanced science and technology, including in the areas of digital, green, artificial intelligence, quantum, bio, and space.

 The second pillar is revitalizing regions and a Vision for a Digital Garden City Nation, which will link to the rest of the world. We will advance the implementation of digital transformation beginning with our local regions and give rise to a wave of new reforms.

 The third pillar is economic security. Under a newly established ministerial remit, we will advance our efforts to secure strategic goods and materials and prevent outflows of technology, while will materialize an autonomous economic structure.

 The fourth pillar is putting to rest people’s anxiety about the era of hundred-year lifespans. We will make social security and the tax system neutral with regard to ways of working and endeavor to make universal workers’ insurance a reality. Looking ahead, we will work to build a social security system oriented to all generations in which all people, from children and those raising a family to the elderly, can feel assured.

 Next is our distribution strategy.

 The first pillar is strengthening the function for distributions to working people. We will fundamentally strengthen our support within the tax code for companies that raise wages in an effort to increase the percentage of distributions allocated to labor.

 The second pillar is enlarging the middle class and addressing the declining birth rate. We will reinforce our support for educational expenses and living expenses to provide support for families with small children.

 The third pillar is increasing the incomes of those working at facilities providing medical nursing, elderly care, childcare services and the like. We will examine public prices and fundamentally review the state of public prices.

 My fourth pillar is correcting the harmful effects resulting from deciding public finances on a single fiscal year basis, which determines public distribution.

 In addition to these, we will actively invest in building up basic infrastructure as a step towards regional revitalization. Without reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake, there will be no revival of Japan. In keeping with my strong feelings on this, we will work exhaustively to realize assistance for disaster victims, the rebuilding of industries and livelihoods, and the reconstruction and revival of Fukushima.

Diplomacy and security that fully protect the Japanese people

 On the basis of trust we enjoy from the international community, I will pursue resolute diplomacy in three areas in which I hold strong determination.

 The first of these is my determination to fully defend the universal values of freedom, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law. I will vigorously promote a free and open Indo-Pacific.

 Second is my determination to fully safeguard the peace and stability of Japan. We will undertake revisions to our National Security Strategy, National Defense Program Guidelines, and Mid-Term Defense Program. The cornerstone of Japan’s diplomatic and security policies is the Japan-U.S. Alliance, which I will raise to an even greater height. The abductions issue is one of the highest priority issues of the Kishida administration. I will do everything in my power to realize the return of all the abductees to Japan at the earliest possible date.

 Third is my determination to lead the international community by confronting global-level issues and contributing to humankind. As a prime minister hailing from Hiroshima, the site of an atomic bombing, I will do my very utmost to bring about a world free of nuclear weapons.

New economic countermeasures

 I instructed my Cabinet to take all possible measures to respond to COVID-19 and to formulate new economic policies in order to trigger a new form of capitalism. We will swiftly compile comprehensive and bold economic policies.


 “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

 We must overcome the divisions arising from economic disparities, regional disparities, and the like and carve out a new era. To make that possible, we will forge one team aimed at all of us moving forward together. Every night eventually turns into dawn. Holding hands together with you, the citizens, we will take a step towards tomorrow.