Blowing through the streets, a cool breeze announces the arrival of a new season. Autumn in Japan, with its pleasant climates, offers a variety of elegant scenery. Appreciating the blessings of the earth and admiring its beauty, people find joy in the workings of nature.

Hanabi 花火


Harvest Moon

The waxing and waning of the moon have been used in Japan as a calendar since time immemorial, so folkways attuned to the beauty of the moon have deep roots in the country. The Mid-Autumn Moon, in particular, heralds a time for the grateful appreciation of the autumn harvest, and is enjoyed by many even in the present day. In combination with another poetic icon of the fall—silver grass—the scenery is imbued with an elegant Japanese sentiment.
Furin 風鈴


Crimson Foliage

As the heat of summer is gradually replaced by cool and crisp air, the Japanese archipelago turns brightly hued in reds, oranges, and yellows. Since ancient times, the Japanese have appreciated the depth of autumn and admired the changing leaves, bidding farewell to the season. In the traditional tourist mecca of Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture, the Kegon Waterfall is an unforgettable sight, with its drop of nearly 100 meters surrounded by mountains deeply covered in crimson foliage.
Uchimizu 打ち水


Autumn Delicacies

“Autumn, the season of appetite,” is a famous phrase in Japan. Out of the four seasons, the fall is especially known as a time when people can get their fill of abundant fresh fruits and vegetables—squashes, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, grapes, persimmons, and more—thanks to its relaxing cool weather. Not only is the season filled with such delicious flavors, but the visual appeal of ripeness also stimulates the appetite.