Spring, summer, autumn, and winter—blessed with a wide variety of changes in nature, Japan looks absolutely different with every passing season. Each of them authentically expresses the soul of the country. Every one of the seasons captures the hearts of visitors and never let them go.

Flower garden in refreshing blue


Yamanashi 山梨

Spring. Delicate pink hues spread throughout the islands under gentle sunbeams—it’s sakura! The cherry blossoms appearing on the shores of Lake Kawaguchi add color to another symbol of Japan’s unique seasonal beauty: the majestic splendor of Mount Fuji.
Sacred blue plunge pool


Okinawa 沖縄

Summer. Under the dazzling sun, the sparkling blue ocean enchants the eye. The islands of Okinawa showcase the magic of the Japanese summer. The waters of Kabira Bay on Ishigaki Island, home to abundant coral reefs, glitter in emerald green, with a transparency that takes everyone’s breath away.
Sacred blue plunge pool


Kyoto   京都

Autumn. In the cool, crisp air, trees blaze forth in the brightest of reds. The colorfulness of Kyoto, the ancient capital with over 1,200 years of history, changes along with the flaming tree leaves. Even, the three-story pagoda of Kiyomizu-dera Temple wears an aura unique to this time of year.
Sacred blue plunge pool


Hokkaido 北海道

Winter. A silvery world appears and envelops everything with silence and serenity. An amazing variety of natural wonders make Hokkaido, Japan’s vast northern island, a treasure trove of life. Beneath the frost-covered trees of Kushiro Marsh, a group of red-crowned cranes elegantly wades through the still waters, epitomizing the marvelously bountiful habitat.