Myanmar struggles to build trust in their postal service. We are cooperating with the country over the medium to long term to improve its postal business. Our multilateral support will improve the service quality and make proposals on developing post office-based business.

In order to improve postal service, operational efficiency and transport routes were reviewed to optimize delivery rate. As a result, delivery rate of ordinary mail improved from 87.8% (as of 2014) to 99.3% (as of 2015), and delivery time from 4-5 days (as of 2014) to 1.6 days (as of 2015).  *from the result of technical guidance in three major cities

The Human resource development system was streamlined through training courses by Japanese postal specialists and production of a variety of manuals. We will continue to offer long-term support for operational efficiency including sophistication of postal remittance operation s using IT and creation of new post office-based business.

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