World history has witnessed Japan accomplish a high level of modernization within an exceptionally short period of time. Infrastructure, which provides the foundation of our growth, consists of unique creativity rooted in Japanese sensitivity, such as the resilience to accept harsh environmental changes and ideas to make effective use of limited (natural) resources, paired with the technological strength to convert the ideas into tangible forms. And when it comes to exports, we constantly focus on offering technology that would cater to local circumstances of the partner country with a spirit of co-creation and long-term commitment, economic efficiency verified from the total life cycle of infrastructure, and economic development so that we can contribute to social development of the partner country. This website introduces how Japan, based on these ideas, has played a part in helping build quality infrastructure abroad for sustainable development, hand in hand with local partners.

Four Key Points

Japan applies technology that best meets the needs of each country and region, ensures speedy construction under restricted conditions and provides technology to address local environmental risks. Our end goal is to contribute to building economic infrastructure that will serve the people for the long term and to be a part of global infrastructure development.

Japan is not only committed to the development of hardware but also of  human resources for sophisticated operation and maintenance of the infrastructure. Technological transfer is also conducted for supporting the local people to develop their own infrastructure. Furthermore, we work side by side with the partner country to help create business in the vicinity so that we can design and create a future together that will lead to self-reliant economic growth.

Japan’s commitment is not just selling products. We are engaged in consistent cooperation extending from infrastructure development planning to preservation and maintenance. We also offer support for building a system for long-term infrastructure application services. Bringing together both the public and private sectors, Japan will be involved, both extensively and profoundly, in the development of our partner countries over a long period of time.

We have advanced technology and know-how to realize on-time delivery, as well as high operation rates, low failure rates, long operating life, low environmental load and high extensibility for cutting down maintenance cost. That is why we are able to offer you the most economically efficient proposal covering the total lifecycle cost.

Major Cases

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