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Shining in Japan

Lacking manpower, Japanese firms court women

As demographics shift, society ages and global competition intensifies, more and more Japanese companies are making efforts to attract and keep women active in the workforce.

Promoting the active role of women in the fields of science

In 2017, Japan hosts the World Assembly for Women (WAW!) to discuss challenges that women face globally whilst promoting women in science, technology, engineering and maths.

Embrace Tomorrow: Empowering Women to Shine

The Government of Japan aims to achieve diversity by expanding the role of women and creating an embracing environment in the workplace.

Explore Space through Mutual Trust on the International Space Station

This video features Kanako Daigo, a Japanese astronaut training instructor. While her training covers advanced skills and expertise for responding to emergencies, she emphasizes the importance of trust...

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Working Side by Side

Empowering Agriculture in the Republic of Kenya

Japan is implementing a unique project to support farmers in Kenya. This project helps farmers to evaluate their own situation and choose the right crops through market survey exercises. Its market-oriented approach is Japan’s unique way of offering support.

Sharing Technology for Underground Transit(Metro) in India

In India, Japanese technology contributed to building the Delhi Metro. Ms. Abe, the president of Oriental Consultants India Private Limited, helped build the Delhi Metro as the only woman in the project team. The Delhi Metro's system is a symbol of India-Japan ties.

Saving lives of Both Mother and Child in Cambodia

In Cambodia, we are assisting mothers giving birth, thereby protecting their lives and the lives of their children.

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Contributing Worldwide

Providing Seamless Obstetric Support in Miami

Ms. Sasaki, a Japanese pediatric cardiologist, provides care for expectant mothers in Miami. Her support continues after a baby is born, and she is working to develop seamless support that begins with prenatal care and continues into postnatal care, all under the same roof.

Overcoming Cancer with Hope

This video shows the work of Japanese Professor Komaki who introduced "Proton Therapy" at a university medical center in the US to help patients overcome cancer.

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