Intercity High-Speed Railways in the U.K.

Traffic and Transportation

Japanese know-how for preservation and maintenance of high-speed railway has proven its worth in the U.K. The railway supplied in 2005 was verified trouble-free through self-imposed tests conducted on site for one and a half years. Reliability has been established over the years, especially in 2010 when a big freeze hit the U.K. and Japan-made rail cars continued operation while all others had to stop.


The British Inter-City High-Speed Rail Plan was to replace all rail cars on their two major lines. Self-imposed tests conducted on site during 2007 and 2008 proved that the Japanese rail cars were trouble-free. They earned the trust of the British people when all the railway service was suspended except for the cars installed on the Dover Strait Link Line (for domestic service) during the strong cold wave in 2010.


A manufacturing plant of rail cars and maintenance center were established in the U.K. starting full production in 2016. Currently they are planning to recruit as many as 730 people, contributing to creating local employment.


Japan contributed to the long-term stability of the Inter-City High-Speed Railway Plan through manufacture and delivery of 866 rail cars with a long-term maintenance contract of 27.5 years.