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From building resilient infrastructure to realizing a healthy and inclusive society, Japan is leading global efforts and sharing its expertise to create a sustainable future worldwide.


Climate change and rapid urbanization increase social and economic vulnerabilities and require immediate and consorted actions from the global community to address such risks. Japan is promoting disaster-prevention and mitigation measures. These include the use of satellites in torrential-rain forecasting and the development of earthquake-resistance technology.


Developing renewable energy, protecting oceans from plastic waste, and creating a circular economy are just a few examples of imminent yet challenging goals for creating a sustainalbe society. Japan is at the forefront of all these global efforts and shares its expertise and lessons learned with its partners around the world.

Diversity and Inclusiveness

Japan aspires to realize a global community with diversity and inclusiveness. Its knowledge and innovation are making a difference in empowering the disabled, supporting women's self-reliance, and providing equal educational opportunities.

Japanese Government to Step Up Promotion of SDGs

xxxBy the year 2030, the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aim to build a world where no one is left behind. Japan's SDGs Promotion Headquarters, led by the Prime Minister, promote SDGs through close collaboration with all stakeholders, including businesses and members of civil society.