Quality Business Environment

The Japanese market offers long-term growth opportunities in a trustworthy and easily accessible business environment.

Globally harmonized and trustworthy legal system

The country of Japan shows the highest regards for the rule of law, and is working to harmonize rules and regulations across borders through multilateral free trade agreements.

Raising the Banner of Free Trade

The gateway to Asia

Japan serves as a gateway to Asia and is easily accessible from all around the world, including by business jets.
Its domestic transportation system, represented by its high speed rail network, is also extremely reliable and advanced.

Direct air services from 100+ cities to Tokyo

Source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism “the Number of Cities Linked by Narita Airport” as of April 2018

Corporate governance code promoting transparent, fair, timely and decisive decision-making

The corporate governance code published by the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2015 is upheld by almost all of the listed companies, making Japanese firms trustworthy investment and business partners.

Nearly 90% of all listed companies have independent external directors

Source: From Tokyo Stock Exchange’s “Appointment of Independent Directors and Establishment of Nomination/Remuneration Committees by TSE-Listed Companies ” for 2017

The Voice of Success

Manufacturing Industry

“Japan’s uniquely productive R&D culture allows us to set ourselves apart from all others.”

Zach Kauk

VP of the Excavation Division / Chairman of Caterpillar Japan

Infrastructure Industry

“The PFI market, including the airport sector, is expected to rise sharply -- the business potential in this area is extremely exciting, and this is especially evident in Japan.”

VINCI Airports
Emmanuel Menanteau

Managing Director, VINCI Airports Co-CEO, Kansai Airports (Japan)