Market Potential

Japan, the world’s third largest economy, provides high value-added business capital for high rate of return.

A lucrative market for doing business

Corporate earnings have hit record highs, which allows corporations to invest aggressively to create new market opportunities.

Record-high corporate ordinary profits

Source: Ministry of Finance “Financial Statements Statistics of Corporations by Industry” All Industries, Excluding Finance and Insurance

A sophisticated and affluent middle-class consumer base

Doing business in Japan offers access to a large and broad-based market with 120 million sophisticated and affluent consumers.

3 trillion USD spending power with 120 million consumers

Source: National Accounts at a Glance

A skilled, diligent and diversifying workforce

Japan has a strong pool of highly skilled and diligent labor, empowered by increasing female and global talent.

Growing workforce with more female participation

Source: Statistics Japan “Labor force survey”

The Voice of Success

Manufacturing Industry

“Japan is an attractive country for its excellence in science and technology; it is one of the top R&D countries in the world.”

Air Liquide
Alain Combier

Vice President, North East Asia Pacific Air Liquide Group

Tourism Industry

"We see Japan growing to become one of the most important markets for the tourism industry."

Roland Fasel

COO, Aman