Evolving Innovation

Japan enables growth in emerging high-added value sectors of the coming global economy, with innovations strongly supported by R&D capabilities and regulatory reforms.

World-leading R&D capabilities and IP assets

Japan, recognized for its world-leading R&D capabilities with quality IP assets, is providing foreign businesses with new value creation opportunities.

World's second largest number of patents in force

Source: World Intellectual Property Organization “WIPO Statistics Database” 2017

Far-reaching deregulation making business in Japan more agile and innovative

Innovations by businesses have been accelerated with the reform of bedrock regulations and utilization of the National Strategic Special Zone system to better serve foreign investors across a range of sectors.

Shorter Approval Period for Pharmaceutical Products

National Strategic Special Zones promoting strategic deregulation

Dynamic business opportunities in Society 5.0
driven by emerging technology

Society 5.0, a super-smart society promoted by the government of Japan, is creating growth potential for businesses in emerging growth sectors including robotics, AI and IoT.

Robust robotics market

Source: New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization “Report on Research of Robotics Market”

Strong IoT market

Source: MM Research Institute “Domestic IoT Market Scale”

The Voice of Success

Medical Industry

“Japanese companies are very open to collaborating with foreign companies.”

R. Lee Buckler

President & CEO, RepliCel

Self-Driving Industry

“Japan can be the leading country in realizing the vision of automated driving.”

Berthold Wolfram

President & CEO, Continental Japan