In the development project of the Purple Line in Bangkok, Thailand, we completed the work on schedule and avoided increased construction costs although the site was in a town area where construction work was difficult to carry out. Stainless steel was used for the cars to make them durable and energy-saving with reduced maintenance cost. Furthermore, a 10-year maintenance contract was concluded, and a maintenance system was established locally to prevent breakdowns and ensure stable service.

Cars totally made of stainless steel were selected due to their durable, corrosion-free, light weight and energy-saving properties.

Japan played a role in the urban railway construction project in the Bangkok metropolitan area by delivering rail cars and railway system as well as civil engineering and track laying. Although it was difficult to install a rail track in the city area, our experience and execution management proved effective in accomplishing the work as planned, avoiding extra costs.

In addition, a 10-year maintenance contract was concluded. A maintenance system was established locally to ensure stable service.