The Philippines are located in the Pacific Rim earthquake zone. Because of earthquakes and tsunami virtually every year, there is an enormous amount of economic and human suffering. This has led to an urgent need to improve monitoring capabilities for events of disaster, and to realize an accurate and rapid warning transmission system.

Japan have cooperated in installing seismographs and tidal gages with using observational satellite to gather environmental data in real time, for building a made-to-order system equipped to deal with the full range of disaster risks. This will make it possible to shorten the time it takes to confirm detection of a tsunami's first wave from the half-to-several hours in 2012 to a minute or less by 2018; helping to reduce the number of victims.

Japan is also working on introducing systems to enable the rapid restoration of the communications infrastructure in the event of a disaster through the ICT Disaster Management Unit, which is possible to provide a minimum-required ICT environment.

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