Japan – a new, emerging FDI destination

Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Japan has been increasing since 2011, with inward FDI stock hitting a record high in 2020. What has triggered this positive development?

Japan is transforming – the world’s third largest economy is actively opening its doors to foreign business. It is creating the best possible environment for overseas investors. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits foreign businesses may enjoy in Japan, a new and emerging FDI destination.

Rapidly increasing FDI

Why invest in Japan?

A Trusted Partner Offering High-Value Opportunities

Japan, as trusted partner for foreign businesses, gives access to high value-added opportunities in the coming new global economy. We all understand that investment requires the variety of processes and decisions depending on the business perspective and goal. Here are the voices from experienced business leaders what they value about Japan.
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Greater market potential and innovation opportunities

Japan, with its world-leading R&D capabilities and technologies, offers foreign investors path-breaking opportunities fueled by the growth and distribution strategies of the government to realize a new form of capitalism.

Quality business environment and globally competitive regulations

Japan’s free and fair, rule-based market is creating a productive and promising business environment for foreign investors. Japan is improving transparency in both business practices and administrative procedures. Japan’s quality business environment and globally harmonized rule of law offers low risk and higher value-added opportunities to foreign investors.