Employer: CCI France Japon

Nationality: French

Arrived: June 2016

“Japan is known for its strong working spirit,” says Wilfried Saulière from Bordeaux. “After graduating from university, I felt that having an experience in Asia, specifically Japan, would be beneficial to my career. I wanted to discover what makes Japan famous.” With a master’s degree in globalisation and international strategy, Saulière joined the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan as an intern in June 2016. After moving into a full-time position, he now advises French companies on their entry into the Japanese market and organises events such as CCI France Japon’s upcoming centennial celebrations.

Since settling in Tokyo, Saulière has come to savour the city’s unique mix of tradition and modernity. “I find it interesting how the buildings and office workers are contrasted by small temples,” he says.

On a similar note, he has enjoyed discovering places to match his mood on any given day, whether it be the neon-lit streets of Shibuya or the green expanses of Shinjuku Gyoen and Yoyogi Park. Saulière smiles as he shares his love for the Japanese capital. “Tokyo has everything you need to live and be entertained.”


“I believe that learning the language shows respect and a willingness to learn about the country,” says Saulière, who studies Japanese online and with friends. In addition to building stronger relationships with colleagues and clients, his newfound language skills have helped him adjust to life in Japan by simplifying administrative tasks, not to mention saving time during an unexpected visit to the hospital.


Saulière decided to settle in Azabu Juban after being introduced to the area by a friend. “I wanted to live in a neighbourhood that feels familiar and has some restaurants,” he says. “Some of my friends live nearby and work less than 15 minutes away.” He enjoys exploring new areas and sharing his photographs with friends back in France.