For future growth, for future generations,
and for a future Japan that is robust.

Updated in June 2018



Increasing productivity through work-style reform is the biggest challenge we need to tackle...

Supply System Innovation


B:Human Resources

The Council for Designing 100-Year Life Society, launched in September 2017, will compile a basic design for Human Resource Development Revolution by next summer...

Human Resources Development Revolution

2Pursue regulatory reforms

Japan has cut into bedrock regulations in areas such as healthcare, energy and agriculture that were considered impossible to tap in to...

Pursue Regulatory Reforms

3Build on international

Actively incorporating growth from around the world is the key to Japan’s economic growth...

Build on international opportunities

4Improve business environment
to drive inward FDI

Building a truly business-friendly environment to stimulate growth requires drastic reforms in Japan’s corporate culture...

Improve business environment to drive inward FDI

About Abenomics

In early 2013, after two decades of economic stagnation, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe unveiled a comprehensive economic policy package to sustainably revive the Japanese economy while maintaining fiscal discipline. This program became known as Abenomics.

Abenomics keeps boosting Japan’s economy

Nominal GDP

53.6JPY tn

494 JPY tn548 JPY tnRecord high

Nominal GDP

Number of Employed
Persons (female)


62.7 mn (26.6 mn)65.2 mn (28.6 mn)

Number of Employed Persons (female)

Ordinary Profit

26.5JPY tn

48.5 JPY tn75.0 JPY tnRecord high

Corporate Ordinary Profit

Unemployment Rate


4.5 %2.5 %

Unemployment Rate

Private Non-Resi.

15.0JPY tn

71.9 JPY tn86.8 JPY tn

Private Non-Resi. Investment

Tax Revenue

16.7JPY tn

42.3 JPY tn59.1 JPY tn

Tax Revenue

How Abenomics Works

The greatest structural issue facing the Japanese economy is the rapidly progressing aging society and a shrinking population, yet we see this challenge as an opportunity.

Demographic change is actually a social challenge that will soon be shared by most developed countries. Japan will commit to become a pioneer in establishing a social model for other countries that will inevitably experience similar social situations in the coming years.

Boosting productivity through “Supply System Innovation” and “Human Resources Development Revolution” are the keys to keeping the virtuous economic cycle going.

How Abenomics Works

Rigorously implement comprehensive reforms to achieve sustainable growth and reach a nominal GDP of 600 trillion yen


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