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General Tourism Information

Japan: the Official Guide

Japan National Tourism Organization

General tourism information of Japan in multi langueges.
Climate, Healthcare, Money, Visa, Emergency info, etc.


Japan Weather Forecast for Travelers

Japan National Toursim Organization

Weather forecast in English for travelers.


Japan Meteorological Agency



Weather & Earthquake Information

Weather Warnings/ Advisories
Tsunami Warnings/ Advisories
Earthquake Information
Volcanic Warnings

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Free Wi-Fi Information

Services listed below are examples of the ones offered in Japan.
 This symbol() indicates links to outside of The Government of Japan and related website.
For security reasons, most of the Free Wi-Fi connection provided in Japan needs registration or downloading application before you use.
Please visit websites and check conditions before your trip to Japan.  Thank you.

Free Wi-Fi Related Articles 

FREE Wi-Fi service just gets better and better! ['JAPAN Monthly Web Magazine', JNTO] March, 2014

Free Wi-Fi Access at Major Airports

New Chitose Airport (CTS)_New Chitose Airport (CTS), Sapporo/Hokkaido Area
Narita International Airport (NRT)_Narita International Airport (NRT), Tokyo/Kanto Area
Haneda International Airport (HND)_Haneda International Airport (HND), Tokyo/Kanto Area
Chubu Centrair International Airport (NGO)_Chubu Centrair International Airport (NGO), Nagoya/Chubu Area
Kansai International Airport (KIX)_Kansai International Airport (KIX), Osaka/Kansai Area
Fukuoka Airport (FUK)_Fukuoka Airport (FUK), Fukuoka/Kyushu Area

Free Wi-Fi Access of Wide Area provided by Communication Companies and Associations

NTT East Free Wi-Fi Japan_NTT East Free Wi-Fi Japan, [East Japan Area (about 40,000 locations)_East Japan Area (about 40,000 locations)], NTT EAST_NTT EAST
Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi (App for Android and iOS)_Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi (App for Android and iOS), [Nation Wide (about 19,000 locations)_Nation Wide (about 19,000 locations)], NTT BP (in Japanese)_NTT BP (in Japanese) 
FREESPOT_FREESPOT, [Nation Wide (about 10,000 locations)_Nation Wide (about 10,000 locations)], FREESPOT Conference (in Japanese)_FREESPOT Conference (in Japanese)

Free Wi-Fi Access of Wide Area provided by Cafes, Restaurants and Convenience Stores

at_STARBUCKS_Wi2_at_STARBUCKS_Wi2, [Nation Wide (about 1,000 locations)_Nation Wide (about 1,000 locations)], Starbucks Coffee_Starbucks Coffee
7SPOT GUIDEBOOK_7SPOT GUIDEBOOK, [Nation Wide (in Japanese)(over 15,000 locations)_Nation Wide (in Japanese)(over 15,000 locations)], Denny's Restaurant (in Japanese)_Denny's Restaurant (in Japanese), Seven Eleven Convenience Store (in Japanese)_Seven Eleven Convenience Store (in Japanese) and More

Free Wi-Fi Access provided by Local Governments and Related Organizations

Sapporo Tourism Official Website_Sapporo Tourism Official Website, Sapporo City_Sapporo City/Hokkaido Area
Yamanashi Free Wi-Fi Project_Yamanashi Free Wi-Fi Project, Yamanashi Prefecture_Yamanashi Prefecture/Kanto Area
Nagoya Travel guide NAGOYA-INFO_Nagoya Travel guide NAGOYA-INFO, Nagoya City_Nagoya City/Chubu Area
OSAKA INFO_OSAKA INFO, Osaka City_Osaka City/Kansai Area
KYOTO Kanko Navi_KYOTO Kanko Navi, Kyoto City_Kyoto City/Kansai Area
KOBE Free Wi-Fi_KOBE Free Wi-FiKobe City_Kobe City/Kansai Area
Hiroshima City Website_Hiroshima City Website, Hiroshima City_Hiroshima City/Chugoku Area 
Fukuoka City Website_Fukuoka City Website, Fukuoka City_Fukuoka City/Kyushu Area
Be. Okinawa (Okinawa Convention and Visitors Bureau)_Be. Okinawa (Okinawa Convention and Visitors Bureau), Main Island Okinawa/Okinawa Area
KOZA Wi-Fi (Click the red ribbon at the upper right of the page)_KOZA Wi-Fi (Click the red ribbon at the upper right of the page), Okinawa City (in Japanese)_Okinawa City (in Japanese)/Okinawa Area

Free Wi-Fi Access provided by Railroad Companies

JR-EAST Free Wi Fi_JR-EAST Free Wi Fi, [Tokyo Area JR EAST Stations_Tokyo Area JR EAST Stations], JR East Railway Co._JR East Railway Co.
JR-Central Free_JR-Central Free, [Inside 6 Tokaido Shinkansen stations_Inside 6 Tokaido Shinkansen stations], JR Central Railway Co._JR Central Railway Co.
JR-WEST FREE Wi-Fi_JR-WEST FREE Wi-Fi, [Inside Major Stations of JR WEST service area_Inside Major Stations of JR WEST service area], JR West Railway Co._JR West Railway Co.
Metro Free Wi-fi_Metro Free Wi-fi, [All Tokyo Metro Stations], Tokyo Metro_Tokyo Metro
Keikyu Free Wi-Fi_Keikyu Free Wi-Fi, [Keikyu Line Haneda Airport Station, Shinagawa Station, and more], Keikyu Line (Haneda Airport Access Guide)_Keikyu Line (Haneda Airport Access Guide)

Free Wi-Fi Access on Local Buses

Toei Bus Free WiFi (in Japanese)_Toei Bus Free WiFi (in Japanese), [Toei Bus], Bureau of Transportation, Tokyo Metropolitan Government_Bureau of Transportation, Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Free Wi-Fi Access of Shopping Districts

G FREE (Ginza District Free Public Wireless LAN)_G FREE (Ginza District Free Public Wireless LAN)Ginza Information Management (Ginza Official Website)_Ginza Information Management (Ginza Official Website)
Tenchika WiFi (in Japanese, Google translation available)_Tenchika WiFi (in Japanese, Google translation available)Tenjinchikagai (underground shopping mall in Fukuoka city) (in Japanese, Google translation available)_Tenjinchikagai (underground shopping mall in Fukuoka city) (in Japanese, Google translation available)

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Embassies, Visas, Customs and other Tourism Related Information