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We are Tomodachi

Official online magazine on Japan’s contributions, innovative technology and appeals, published by the Japanese government to all our friends around the world.

Japan Library

A collection of translated Japanese books on topics ranging from politics to culture.

JapanGov Weekly

The official newspaper of the Government of Japan, providing the latest government news every week.

Business and Economics

F1 Issues Fukushima Daiichi NPS's Issues

Information about Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station such as seawater monitoring efforts.


METI Journal

Policies being instituted by METI in an easy-to-read format.

Monthly Newsletter

News on Japanese government bonds and Japan's national balance sheet.

News Bulletin

Current news and findings from the Statistics Bureau of the MIC.


Diplomacy and International Relations

Japan Defense Focus

Details on the various activities of the Ministry of Defense and Self-Defense Forces.


International Cooperation

CAI Newsletter

Ministry of the Environment
Two to three times annually

News on the Clean Asia Initiative and other environmental efforts around the world.

Japan Environment Quarterly (JEQ)

Articles and information about the activities of the Ministry of the Environment along with articles by companies and NGOs.



An introduction to Japan's development assistance.

Paths to Peace

Cabinet Office

Basic information about Japan's international peace and cooperation activities.

Arts and Culture

Highlighting Japan

Cabinet Office
Monthly (11 times a year)

The latest government policies and the attractions of present-day Japan.


Monthly Web Magazine

Updates and feature articles from JNTO.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Three times annually

The beauty of Japan presented through photographs.


NWEC Newsletter

Updates on women's participation in society and the activities of the National Women's Education Center.

Women and Men in Japan

An introduction to gender equality policies and topics such as health, education and research.