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JapanGov App, an official app of the Government of Japan, delivers you up-to-date
information about Japan including photos and videos.

Exclusive advantages JapanGov App can offer

  • Both new and trending contents are distributed through the Topics screen.
    PUSH notifications enable you to easily find update information.
  • You can bookmark your favorite contents.
    The content is saved in your device once bookmarked so that you will be able to view it any time.
  • Online magazines issued by the Government of Japan are also available.
    By subscribing your favorite magazine, you will receive a notification when a new issue is uploaded.

JapanGov is available for smart phone and tablet devices. You can download the app from the app stores below


How to use

step1Once you start the app, a list of topics appears on your screen. The list contains new and trending topics. You can change the startup screen from the Initial Startup Screen in Setup.

step2You can select your favorite contents from the scroll bar at the bottom. A contents list appears when you tap and open Menu at the left end of the scroll bar.

Special Function:

The scroll bar at the bottom has the Add button. When you tap the button while viewing a content, it will be bookmarked, and you can view it from Bookmarks any time you want.

Main Contents


Topics gives you recommendations and updates out of all the contents on JapanGov App.

Key Initiatives

It introduces documents and links about Japanese Government's latest initiative.


The official online magazines of the Government of Japan are available here. You can download them beforehand and read it later.


You can enjoy photos of beautiful landscapes, arts and architectures in Japan. You can also play slideshows of your favorite album.


Video footages for tourist coming to Japan as well as messages from the Government of Japan are available here.

JapanGov Web

This shows the top page of the JapanGov website. The site contains abundant information from the Government of Japan including useful related links.

Other Contents


Delivers up-to-date information about the Government of Japan every week.


Offers a list of web links of the Prime Minister's Office and government ministries and agencies.

This is Japan

Provides basic facts about Japan and information on its culture and sightseeing.

Visiting Japan

Provides useful information such as tourist information, weather forecast, disaster information, during your visit to Japan.


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【Compatibility (Devices & OS)】
◯ iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad: iOS 7.0 or later ◯ Android and Kindle Fire: Android OS 4.0 or later


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