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Abenomics is Progressing

Growth Strategies towards the reinvigoration of the Japanese Economy


About Abenomics

In early 2013, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe unveiled a radical new policy agenda to sustainably revive the Japanese economy after two decades of stagnation. The centerpiece of the Abe administration’s program were three “policy arrows” targeted at monetary policy reform, fiscal policy reform and economic structural reform focused on deregulation to encourage growth and investment. This program became known as “Abenomics”.
In September 2015, Prime Minister Abe pledged to drive forward his reform agenda with the Abenomics 2.0 focused on promoting economic growth and free trade alongside new policy measures to address Japan’s demographic challenges and forge a more inclusive society.

The Latest Material on Abenomics

This document is a summary of Abenomics growth strategies towards the reinvigoration of the Japanese Economy.
The latest update illustrates the highlights from a 28 trillion yen stimulus package which will be implemented to accelerate the positive cycle of Abenomics, and the continued efforts on the “third arrow” - structural reforms to reach 600 trillion yen GDP.

What's New on Abenomics

Speeches and Statements on Abenomics by the Prime Minister