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In-depth information on the progress of Abenomics
and Japan's economy.



We are Tomodachi

Japan's official online magazine to all our friends around the world.



Walk in U.S., Talk on Japan

Grassroots initiative to enhance U.S.-Japan relations.


Featured Topics


Updated May 15, 2017

In-depth information on “Abenomics” growth strategy and Japan’s economic policies.


Innovation Japan

Updated April 27, 2017

Through innovation, Japan is offering solutions to various challenges that the world faces. Visit our website, “INNOVATION JAPAN” and get inspired.


We are Tomodachi

Updated April 24, 2017

Official online magazine on Japan’s contributions, innovative technology and appeals, published by the Japanese government to all our friends around the world.


Regional Revitalization

Updated April 17, 2017

This page shows the diverse attractions of each regional area, as a destination of investment and tourism, through a variety of videos. We invite you to discover the area that most appeals to you.


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