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We are Tomodachi

Japan's official online magazine to all our friends around the world.


Walk in U.S., Talk on Japan

Grassroots initiative to enhance U.S.-Japan relations.



In-depth information on the progress of Abenomics
and Japan's economy.


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Updated March 14, 2017

In-depth information on “Abenomics” growth strategy and Japan’s economic policies.


We are Tomodachi

Updated February 23, 2017

Official online magazine on Japan’s contributions, innovative technology and appeals, published by the Japanese government to all our friends around the world.


Infrastructure - with Japan

Updated January 11, 2017

Introduces Japan's unique expertise of building quality infrastructure in various parts of the world, hand in hand with local partners.


Unleashing the Power of Women

Updated December 9, 2016

The "Power of Women" has the greatest potential in Japanese society. It is essential for a vibrant and growing society to create an environment where women can demonstrate their power to the fullest extent.


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